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Advertisement in Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog from January 1952. Prices had already gone up from $1.99 for a 12" record to $2.19. But the new basic design by Alex Steinweiss was not yet to be implemented.

Complete recordings of Tosca and Rigoletto were announced in December, 1951, in Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog.
Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog was founded by William Joseph Schwann who was a versatile musician himself. Schwann is indispensable for tracing the history of a record label and referencing the recordings of the artists.

Advertisement in Schwann catalogs from 1952 for Plymouth and Masterseal. The address for Masterseal is already 551 Fifth Avenue while the office address for the Plymouth label is still 263 W. 54th Street.

The early Masterseal Series were special Marcel Prawy productions of performances by Vittorio Gui, Paul Schoeffler, Erich Korngold, Fritz Busch, Gaspar Cassado and Volkmar Andreae. A famous issue was Andreae's conducting Bruckner's First Symphony.

This two-page advertisement is from the Schwann edition of December 1952. A similarly styled advertisement had already been inserted in the July 1952 edition of Schwann, announcing and showing records in the new covers. Developments were fast. In December the price of a 12 inch disc was increased to $ 2.49.

"A complete and extensive alphabetical listing by composer 1953 . 10c", written by Alex Steinweiss in his scrawl.

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Advertisement in Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog from September 1953, announcing the new Musirama disks with 3 Dimensional Sound.
Recordings had already been made in the US and more were underway in Berlin with the RIAS Symphony Orchestra.

Releases on the Plymouth label were never listed by the editors of Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog. They knew quite well that the label contained much of the same material while generally omitting the names of the performers and pressings were generally of lower quality. It did not prevent Don Gabor to advertise in Schwann and pretend that Plymouth was a serious label.
A two-page advertisement was inserted in the May 1954 edition with a Special Introductory Offer. Note the 'guarantee' and the phrase
"The World's Largest Indedepenent Record Manufacturer".

Dutch catalog published in 1954 by 'Les éditions Internationales Basart N.V.', in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The highest reference number is
R-199-155, a Christmas album. The recordings with the RIAS Symphony Orchestra were not yet ready and released. Prices were DFL 16.90 for records in the R-199 Series, DFL 11.50 for titles in the R-149 Series, DFL 8.90 for the records in the 1000 Series, and DFL 5.75 for the 7" Extended Play 45 RPM records. The slogan read, Low priced, highly praised.

Advertisement in Dutch monthly record magazine "Luister..." (...Listen) from March, 1955. Because of the Musirama editions the Remington label was receiving recognition. The new MUSIRAMA releases were priced at DFL 16.90 but the price was soon lowered to DFL 14.90 and later to DFL 12.90.

Advertisement in the June 1955 Schwann Long Playing Record Catalog showing the MUSIRAMA releases with Albert Spalding (Beethoven), Edward Kilenyi (Liszt), Alec Templeton (Gershwin), Luboshutz and Nemenoff (Recital), and Manuel Rosenthal (Offenbach). The price of $ 1.95 was a special introductory offer.

Advertisement from 1956 appearing in "Discopaedie", a guide of recorded music, compiled by Dutch music critic Ralph N. Degens. It says that Remington Holland Co., is located at Leidsegracht 11, Amsterdam, which is of course the address of "Les éditions Internationales Basart ".


When Masterseal was the label for releases of old Remington recordings and of newly recorded material, Don Gabor introduced the "Masterseal Gift Stamps" which could be pasted on a special card. A full card of 10 stamps gave right to a De Luxe Long-Play Record Storage Album or the De Luxe "Collector's Item Fritz Busch Memorial Album". No extra cost was charged for handling and shipment of the item.

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