Helen AIROFF, violinist

Michèle AUCLAIR, violinist

Simon BARERE, pianist

Sari BIRO, pianist

Jorge BOLET, pianist

H. Arthur BROWN, conductor

Fritz BUSCH, conductor

Gaspar CASSADO, cellist

Céliny (Céline) CHAILLEY-RICHEZ, pianist

Critics and Musicologists: Sigmund SPAETH, John W. FREEMAN, Irving KOLODON, Louis BIANCOLLI, Betty REINMAN, Max de SCHAUENSEE, Irving SABLOSKY, Jerome BOEHM (also spelled Bohm)

Cover ART

Georg CURTISS, manager Webster pressing plant

Jörg DEMUS, pianist

Ernst von (Ernö) DOHNANYI, composer pianist/conductor

Georges ENESCO (George Enescu), violinist/conductor

Zoltán FEKETE, conductor

Etelka FREUND, pianist

Donald H. GABOR, founder, owner and producer

André GABRIEL, violinist

Hans GRISCHKAT, conductor

Felix GUENTHER / Günther), conductor

Laszlo HALASZ, conductor/recording director

Conrad HANSEN, pianist


Eva HITZKER, violinist

Alexander JENNER, pianist

Thor JOHNSON, conductor and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Felicitas KARRER, pianist

Edward KILENYI, pianist

Alfred KITCHIN, pianist

Gustav KOSLIK, conductor

Wilhelm LOIBNER, conductor

duo pianists

Sylvia MARLOWE, harpsichordist

Joseph MESSNER, conductor

Theodore and Alice PASHKUS, violin pedagogues

Jonel PERLEA, conductor

Ivan PETROFF, baritone

Gérard POULET, violinist

Marcel PRAWY, producer

Gottfried PREINFALK, conductor

Felix PROHASKA, conductor

Ossy RENARDY, violinist

RIAS Symphony Orchestra

Wolfgang SAWALLISCH, conductor

 Walter SCHNEIDERHAN, violinist

 Paul SCHOEFFLER, baritone

 Max SCHöNHERR, conductor

Hermann SCHWERTMANN, pianist

Georges (George) SEBASTIAN, conductor

George SINGER, conductor

Albert SPALDING, violinist

Alex STEINWEISS and other artists and designers for the Remington label: Curt John WITT, H. KAEBETZ, SLONEVSKY, ALBITZ, RADO, Rudolph DE HARAK, etc.

Alec TEMPLETON, pianist

Frieda VALENZI, pianist

Astrid VARNAY, soprano

Fritz WEIDLICH, pianist and conductor

The Covers of Curt John WITT

Hans WOLF, conductor

Kurt WöSS, conductor

Friedrich WüHRER, pianist


Special Series




And on the lighter side

Mona PAULEE, mezzo soprano
accompanied by Heinz SANDAUER and his Orchestra

Frank YANKOVIC, accordionist


About other labels






Special Pages


Complete OPERAS

RECORD CORPORATION OF NEW ENGLAND - Remington Record Pressery, Webster, Massachusetts


on the Varèse-Sarabande Label

Cecil SMITH reviews early pressings in The New Republic

Precious Memories - Dixiaires



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Mrs. Deborah Yardley Beers, pianist (USA)
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Some sellers on the internet ask exorbitantly high prices. Most of the time these prices are definitely not in relation to the offered quality of both engineering, performance and historic value. Most records offered are of course second hand and have usually been played on simple equipment with a ceramic or crystal cartridge with low compliance, as was the custom in the nineteen fifties. Therefor the groove is often damaged. These sellers may also have been inspired by the existence of The REMINGTON Site, not by love for music, sound judgement and knowledge (otherwise they would not spell the names of the artists wrong).
If the price is high, always ask what the return policy is beforehand. And: read what the description is. VG ++ is not the same for all sellers.

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Alec Templeton and Thor Johnson.

Precious mem'ries,
how they linger
How they ever
flood my soul
In the stillness
of the midnight
Sacred secrets
will unfold.

The Seelah Jubilee Quartet.




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